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Surrey and South London Dog Training and Behaviour

Professional and friendly dog training across Surrey and South London


27th February Update

Plans for returning to in-person classes are in motion! From April 3rd we will be starting back up at our outdoor venue in SE19, running courses and workshops (provided no further changes from the Government).

All indoor training will remain suspended until restrictions relax further.

One to one training can resume outdoors, provided the first session is held online (instead of indoors). Under normal circumstances our trainers would come into your house, learn about your dog, the training requirements and start the training needed indoors, away from distractions. Our online sessions are cheaper than in-person (no travel time for us) and just as effective.

Online training classes and one to ones will continue to be offered online too.

In-person classes do not typically involve any dogs playing with other dogs as this would encourage people to get too close to one another, breaking government guidelines. Online classes are both cheaper and more efficient, particularly when teaching new puppies and we find the puppies who learn online generally progress much quicker than those attending in-person classes. Socialisation involves gentle exposure to a range of environments and stimuli and puppy classes alone are simply not enough to produce well-socialised dogs. Take what you learn in your online class, practise at home and then generalise the skills in the real world once the behaviours are familiar.

Stay safe and keep on training!

Louise, Neal and the team x

Top quality dog training


Covering Surrey and South London

Puppy School Online / In-person

Six weeks (one hour per week) Online £120

For puppies up to 5 months of age.

Introducing ‘Puppy School Online’ - live training classes with our excellent tutors in the comfort of your own home! Our face-to-face classes have temporarily been replaced by weekly puppy training classes hosted via the interne​t! Train remotely and safely from home. We've tested our virtual classes online with our clients and our our puppy owners really loved it. Our experienced tutors will use clear technique demonstration videos with personal teaching and coaching, giving you the opportunity to practice at home where your puppy will be more relaxed and less distracted. Our small online class sizes (6) means great personal tuition 

too. ​Book your place here

In-person coures are £180 held in Streatham, Penge and West Wickham. Face coverings are required at all times. In the case of lockdown or tutor/owner needing to isolate, courses will be moved online. Book your place here

121 Training

Online: One hour £50 / an hour and a half £70

Training for dogs of all ages conducted in the comfort of your own home. We come to you via a webcam and provide behaviour advice, practical training exercises and coaching. An hour and a half session is recommended for all new clients. Click here to book

**Gift Vouchers now available** - click here

In-person sessions can be held for existing clients in your local park. New clients are requested to have an online session first to replace the need for our trainers to go into anyone's house.

One hour £75/An hour and a half £100

Click here to contact us for availability.

Friday Night Tricks Club

Weekly online classes (30 minutes) £8. For all abilities. Have fun with your dog - we focus on at least three new tricks each week. Suitable for all ages.

Click here to book your place 

Intermediate Course

Six weeks (50 minutes per week) Online £120 / in-person £180.

For dogs who have attended Puppy School or had 121 training with us. Perfect for adolescent dogs, this course teaches self control, "leave it", down stay, door and food manners, sitting to greet (no jumping up!), walking to heel, drop, focus on owner around distractions and more.

Click here to book your place

Calm and Controlled Course *New*

Six weeks (1 hour per week) £180.

Currently HYBRID of online and in-person (courses to start online and continue in person once restrictions are lifted)

A foundation training course for dogs over 5 months (younger can attend Puppy School).The aim is to teach dogs basic obedience including loose lead walking, sit/down/stand, recall, self-control exercises and more.

Great for new rescues and for dogs who have had little to no prior training, or for those who just wish to come to structured, weekly training in a supportive environment. Six dogs per class to allow for social distancing and plenty of one on one coaching.

Classes are held via Zoom and outdoors in Crystal Palace. Click here to book your place

Advanced Course *New*

Six weeks (50 minutes per week) £140

For dogs who have completed our Intermediate Course and wish to progress their training further. Exercises include object discrimination, chase recall, hold, pull, drop, push, touch, chaining these behaviours together for more complex tasks, heelwork, learning to read and more! Online only currently

Click here to book your place

Canine Hoopers

Canine Hoopers is relatively new dog sport, similar to agility but low-impact, making it suitable for dogs of all ages.

Dogs are taught to navigate a series of hoops, tunnels and barrels. Lots of fun and great for relationship-building!

A two hour introductory workshop followed by a six week course held in Crystal Palace. Click here to book.

Behaviour Consultations

Two - three hours consultation £500 £300

We will discuss the problems you are having and assess the temperament of your dog. We will then show you techniques to overcome the issues you are experiencing. This is followed up with a tailor made programme and email support as required. Online only currently.

Click here to contact us.


Held at our outdoor venue in Crystal Palace, one-hour workshops inclucing Recall, Loose Lead and Puppy Parkour. Limited to 6 dogs per workshop. 


Click here to contact us for all media enquiries.

What our customers are saying

Louise ran an incredible video session for us that had the same impact of an in person session. Would recommend them if you have a puppy.

Ollie, Lexi's owner

Louise has an amazing way with the puppies, making teaching your dogs new skills so easy. It was great to get the whole family involved and we all learned so much. Harvey is well on his way of becoming a very obedient dog. We will definitely be back for the tricks & intermediate courses!

Mrs Lake, Harvey's owner

Adele has been an incredible help to Benji and I. We had attended group puppy classes initially and as Benji started to get older we noticed he was developing severe fear and anxiety problems, we enrolled the help of Adele to do 1-2-1 training sessions with us. Between showing us tricks, behavioural training, helping us in the park and on the street with ways to ease Benji’s fears we have come a million miles from when we started. Benji is more confident and trusting of me which has come from the expert advice Adele has given us. She has gone above and beyond showing real care in both of our well being throughout the process and is now a welcomed member of Benji’s bark free club. I couldn’t recommend Adele enough, not only to help with basic or behavioural training but as an owner of a dog with behavioural issues comes testing times and to know that there is also support for the owner as well as your beloved dog is a blessing.

Laura, Benji's owner

What our customers are saying

I could not have chosen a better puppy school! Excellent in every way! 

Danielle, Titan's owner

I couldn't recommend Louise and South London Dog Training and Behaviour more highly.

Unlike other puppy classes where we were made to feel anxious and uncomfortable, Louise's classes have a relaxed and welcoming learning environment.

I looked forward to puppy class each week, as it not only gave my puppy a chance to socialise with other dogs in a controlled environment, but also a chance to talk to other new puppy owners. Knowing I was going to see Louise every Monday, helped me to relax and address any concerns with a supportive professional.

After completing the puppy school and intermediate classes we are now looking forward to moving on to trick dog classes.

Jenny, Toby's owner

What our customers are saying

Louise is an inspired teacher, without her guidance I would not have had the confidence to train Hereward and believe rewards and consistently would be so effective. Thank you Louise, through you I have come to love my puppy even more 

Lynn, Hereward's owner

Natures Menu

We are very lucky to have our Puppy School classes sponsored by Natures Menu who specialise in natural raw  and steamed food for dogs and cats. Their meaty training treats are extremely popular with our puppies in class! Each puppy now receives a goody box from Natures Menu once signed up to Puppy School. 

All clients can use code TAYLGU23 at for £15 off a £30 order

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