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Surrey and South London Dog Training and Behaviour

Professional and friendly dog training across Surrey and South London

Recommended Products

Here you'll find a list of tried and tested products that we regularly recommend to our clients.

Long Line for Recall

Give your dog more freedom whilst keeping him safe. We have tested many long lines and this is our favourite due to the rubber grip it has. Available in different sizes, for the majority of dogs we would recommend 10m. Must be used with a well-fitted harness.

Long Line for Recall

Another good long line option is one made from Biothane. This is good for training in wet conditions as the material does not retain moisture and is very easy to keep clean. It's not as easy to grip as the one above but it's lighter in weight and one shake and it's dry.

Training Lead

A double ended lead is very useful when teaching dogs to walk with a loose lead. The rings on the lead allow the length to be adjusted as needed depending on the situation. 

Can be used with harnesses that have two points of contact (see below) 

Training Bandana

Easy to attach around your dog's neck and a clear signal to others that your dog is in training. 

Perfect Fit Harness

These are our favourite harnesses and we recommend them to everyone. They are modular, so there is no need to manipulate your dog in any way to get them on, simply do up the neck piece, feed the rest under the body and do up the sides. To take off, undo one neck and one side buckle and it falls straight off. The sizing is very precise so ensure you measure your dog.

When choosing a harness it's important to ensure your dog has full natural movement. There are a lot of popular harnesses around at the moment that have a thick strap across the dog's chest and/or thick panel over the shoulder, there are very restrictive and could potentially cause long-term joint problems (see interesting video here)

The harness has a D-ring on the back and another on the chest, so if your dog is a puller you can have a bit more control by using a double-ended lead attached to both rings, as in the photo.

We usually stock these and offer fittings but this isn't possible at the moment due to social distancing restrictions, so all orders can be placed through their own website. They're a lovely company and if you're not sure of the sizing they are very helpful.

Our dogs Ripley (Doberman), Tig (Pomeranian x Chihuahua) and Travis (Labrador/collie/GSD) wear Perfect Fit harnesses.

Dog Copenhagen Comfort Walk Air Harness

Another good harness is the Dog Copenhagen Comfort Walk Air.

This also has a front D-ring and the ability to put it on without manipulating the dog.

Tug-e-Nuff Toys

This company make fantastic toys. Our favourite is the Sheepskin Chaser Tug, we've found 99% of dogs find it irresistable and it can really help with teaching dogs to have fun with their owners. Great to use as a reward for recall.

For 10% off use code TRAININGANDBEHAVIOUR at checkout


A versatile toy which can be used for tug, fetch and for stuffing with paper, material and chews for sustained enrichment. 

Stuffingless toys

Soft, long and durable, we've road tested these with our dogs and found them to be great! Good for puppies as they're nice and soft and the length means there's more chance of the puppy getting the toy than catching your hand.

Food and Treats

We feed our dogs Natures Menu raw food and they do very well on it. 

Our cats are fed on raw by Natures Variety, the sister company of Natures Menu, who  also produce a high quality dry food for those who aren't so keen on raw.  

Natures Menu Meaty Treats are by far the best dog treats we've ever used for dog training. They are soft, easy to break into smaller pieces and have a strong scent which makes them appealing to dogs.

10% off using code Louise Taylor (£40 minimum order)

A nice company who produce a variety of natural chews and treats, we have tried and tested buffalo skin, ostrich braids, ostrich bones (not suitable for young puppies) and their pates, all of which got the paws up from our dogs. For young puppies the braided tendons, hooves and cow tails are great.

Natural Chews - Air Dried Beef Hide

Air dried beef hide is always popular in our classes. It's a good natural option for dogs of all ages. Ensure you supervise your dog when they have any chew.

These are smelly - but dogs absolutely love them. Relatively long lasting, especially for smaller and younger dogs, but also good for large dogs too. Our Doberman takes about 15 minutes to get through one, whereas the smaller dogs take over an hour. 

Natural Chews - Calves Hooves

Another good natural chewing option is empty calves hooves, again these are popular in our classes.. 

These tend to be longer lasting than the beef chews above and dogs usually chew on them for a while, leave them and return later. These also have a strong smell once your dog has started chewing on them.

As with all chews, supervise your dog with this.

Vegetable Based Chew

If you're after a chew that doesn't have a strong smell, Whimzees make vegetable-based chews in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our dogs love these, they don't last quite as long in our house but are a firm favourite.


Fantastic for teaching independent activity, slowing down feeding and keeping your dog occupied, this is a hollow rubber toy. Inside you can put their kibble (soak in warm water for 15 minutes until spongey), a mixture of wet and dry food, just wet food, raw food, their favourite treats, smear the inside with peanut butter (check there's no xylitol, very toxic), cream cheese or liver paste - basically anything your dog likes. 

Once your dog has mastered how to use the Kong, increase the difficulty by freezing it once stuffed.

Ensure you buy the right size and rubber strength for your dog. Blue and pink are for young puppies as the rubber is softer, these come in four sizes, ensure it's big enough for your puppy to get their tongue inside!

Red Kongs are for adult dogs and come in six sizes and black Kongs are for very strong chewers, in five sizes. Purple Kongs are for senior dogs and come in three sizes. 

Kongs are not always easy for flat faced dogs such as pugs and frenchies - see Toppl below as an option for them.


Easier than Kongs but still keeps dogs occupied and slows down eating. These come in two sizes, and if you get both, they interlock together to make it even more fun. Better option for flatter-faced dogs but suitable for all.

Licki Mat

Licking is a great calming activity for all dogs. Simply spread on some cream cheese, peanut butter (xylitol free), liver paste, wet food, raw food - whatever your dogs likes. Supervise to ensure they don't chew it.

Our pug Peppa particularly enjoys Licki Mats.

Puppy House Line

This line is to be used under supervision only. It can be useful for indoor training for puppies or if you have a new rescue dog.

Cleaning Solution 

Make sure you're using the right cleaning solution after any accidents indoors. Most household cleaners do not break down the enzymes in urine, so even if it smells clean to you, your dog may still be able to detect it. You certainly need to avoid any cleaner with bleach as this can attract dogs back to the same place. 

Simple Solution works well at completely removing all traces of mess and it smells quite nice too.

Brush for longer-coated dogs

This brush is suitable for most medium or long coated dogs. Ideal to use for getting puppies used to being brushed (along with lots of treats and breaks!)

Brush for short-coated dogs

Zoom Groom. This rubber brush is excellent for removing dead hair in shorter coated dogs (and cats and horses!)